Broomfield was originally named for the abundance of tall sorghum grown here for brooms.

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Broomfield is unique in that it’s both a city and county combined into one. Before 2001, Broomfield was technically part of four counties which made much of the governing difficult. However, it was decided that it was best to have the city be separate from its own county. That decision has made various processes, such as taxation and public safety, much simpler and beneficial to all residents.
Broomfield was originally named for the abundance of tall sorghum grown here for brooms. Thankfully, the economy has greatly diversified since those early days and now is home to large amounts of industrial and commercial enterprises relative to its size. Large national companies, such as Staples and Oracle, have a major presence here. In fact, Broomfield has been attracting numerous technology companies to the city in recent years which has encouraged local startups to form. Shopping for locals and visitors is plentiful, and the city is home to Flatiron Crossing, which has more sales per square foot than any other part of the area.
Homes in Broomfield are about on par with average state prices, though the market is exceptionally diverse. Within the city, you can expect to find everything from older trailers to multimillion-dollar mansions and everything in between. As the community has grown substantially in the past generation or so, many of the homes are younger than in some of the neighboring towns and cities.
In 2018, the municipality shut down its popular community center to be rebuilt into a much larger and modern center to bring the community together. It is expected to be open in 2020 and will include a senior center and public pools as well as free public parking. The goal is to make sure that while the city continues to grow, its residents can still stay connected and have public spaces for individuals and families.
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